Fraser Valley Chicken Wings       9
Crispy outside, juicy inside….  
Bocconcini & Sun-dried Tomato Bowl         GF    7
       Garlic basil herb sauce
Calamari         9
        Crispy deep fried baby calamari, tzatziki dip
Tapas Ribs  (3pcs)       GF      8
        Roasted pork ribs with homemade smoke BBQ sauce
Crispy Naan     5
With cucumber & herbs sauce
Garlic and Brie          9
Caramelized whole garlic, double crème brie …
Escargot in Filo            9
Snails & diced mushrooms wrapped with herb butter in filo pastry
Potato Skin       GF    7
     Stuffed with green onion, BC bacon, aged cheese
Ahi Tuna & Avocado        GF     16
Lightly fried tuna with guacamole ….
Dry Salted Garlic Spareribs     GF       9
Freshly cracked peppercorn & sea salt for an original taste
Flatbread with Tzatziki Dip        8
      Warmed slices with fig, citron & rice vinegar paste, topped with organic arugula & kale.


Classic Premium Caesar Salad          GF        11

Romaine heart lettuce, crispy bacon, croutons, shredded parmesan cheese, signature Caesar dressing

Organic Kale & Mixed Seed Slaw Salad       GF  V  10

Shredded kale leaf tossed with cabbage and carrots, seasoned w/rice vinegar, lemon juice…

   ** Add To Any Salad Chicken breast  6,   Prawns  7,   Avocado      4  



 Hood 29 Burger        17

AAA Prime Rib patty, accompanied with old aged Cheese, onion, lettuce & tomatoes

      Served w/ your choice of hand cut fries Or organic baby greens salad.    Add: Bacon Or mushroom $2

      ** home made veggie patty is available

Beef Wellington in Filo  (minimum time 25 minute)         22

AAA Tenderloin beef, prosciutto ham, stuff with mushroom & liver paste in filo pastry, served w/vegetables & potatoes

Grilled Fraser Valley Chicken Steak         19

      grilled golden brow marinated steak,  mushroom Demi-Glaze sauce, accompanied with seasonal veggie & potatoes

Baby Scallop Linguini             19

       Sautéed baby scallop and mushroom in Lobster sauce


Barista Station
We are proud to serve you
fair trade organic coffee made with love!!!
Cafe Americano $2.95
Espresso $2
Cappuccino $4
Cafe latte $4 (add: any flavour syrup $0.50/an extra espresso shots $0.75)
Tea (regular or herbal) $2.25(Add: honey glaze $0.85)
Soft Drinks $2.25

Beer On Tap (Draft)
Sleeve $6.95
Okanagan Spring 1516 Lager
Gypsy Tears RUBY Ale
R&B Raven Cream Ale
R&B East Side Bitter esb
R&B Bohemian Pilsner

Bartender's Choice
Highballs (S) $6.25 & up (D)$9.25 & up
Liqueur shot market price
Bourbon Whiskey market price
Premium Vodka or Gin market price
Martinis or Cocktails (2oz) $9.95 &up


Sweet Hearts


Apple Pie            8.5

With vanilla ice cream and sprinkled cinnamon

Crème Caramel     GF            7

Affogato          6

Vanilla ice cream in hot Espresso

Apple Fantasy                   8

        Baked sliced apple in Puff pastry, serve with vanilla ice- cream

Mango in Filo                   9

       Filo pastry basket with mango and dried cranberry stuffing, serve with vanilla ice-cream